Our Board

Marthe Phanord
Founder & President

Marthe Phanord is a veteran educator with 19 years of service and experience. Phanord is a native of Haiti who migrated in the U.S. in the 1990s. Her degree in Educational Leadership and an Ed S. degree in Guidance and Counseling brought her close to the challenges faced by underprivileged kids from minority communities. Her compassion led her to create Victory International Foundation, which she currently leads as the President.

Andy Jolivert

Andy Jolivert is a seasoned real estate professional engaged in community services and active in the South Florida Haitian Diaspora since 2009.
Mr. Jolivert has a special interest in philanthropic contribution to help Haiti’s social development. Hence his engagement to Victory Foundation’s work to provide educational support to minority children in both south Florida and in the City of Pont Sondé, Haiti.

Marie Jean Baptiste

Marie Jean Baptiste is a practicing nurse with over 40 years of experience. Jean Baptiste is a native of Haiti engaged in philanthropic and community development in both the U.S. and Haiti for the past 22 years.
She is dedicated to children empowerment and has volunteered countless of hours and resources in supporting organizations that provide opportunities for growth and development for underprivileged youth, including her hometown, Cap Haitien, in Haiti’s Northern Department.

Jacques Oracin

Jacques Oracin is a well known dentist in Haiti. He works as a field educator in South Florida, providing valuable services to South Florida’s migrant communities for the past seven years.
Oracin joined Victory International Foundation since its inception in 2008. He is devoted to Victory International Foundation, Inc.’s mission to support education excellence within the community of under privileged children in the U.S. and abroad.

Carl Bellefleur

Carl Bellefleur is a Reverend Pastor associated with Southern Baptist church in the United States. He is the Church’s envoy to various Caribbean countries, including Haiti.
He is very committed and involved with the Haitian Diaspora Evangelical community and in the numerous communities within.

Pasteur Robaintz Nazaire

Pasteur Nazaire is a notable personality in Pont-Sonde and environs for the past 15 years. Reverend Nazaire is a pioneer in establishing religious, social, and educational programs aimed at improving the quality of life of the residents of that community.
He has devoted his life to serving the people of Pont-Sonde from the time has was a teenager. He has been an asset and a promoter for educational and economic development for the entire area.

Rose Violette Felix

Rose Violette Felix is the founder of Eglise Evangelique located in the community of Coussin Canal, Pont-Sonde Haiti.
She is a pioneer. On one visit to the village back in 2008, she saw the need for the community to have a church and initiated a project to build one.
To achieve this goal she had sought the financial support of family and friends in her community in Brossard, Montreal Quebec where she holds several fundraising events each year for the foundation.
Mrs. Rose Violette Felix is an engaged member of Victory International Foundation, Inc. She works tirelessly to form a bridge with members of her church family in Montreal and those of Eglise Evangelique of Coussin Canal Pont-Sonde.

Rose Violette Felix
Boite Postale 960, Pothier Avenue
Brossard, Quebec, J4W 2A2 (CANADA)
Telephone# 514-984-8936